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empty table cell empty table cell photo of Ingrid I am Ingrid ten Tusscher, born in 1954, living in The Netherlands, married with Ben, two children: Erik and Sanne. In one sentence quite a lot of factual information about me. But you would like to know more? My way of working, my motives? OK, I have started a weblog to tell you more. Here I will inform you of the progress of new works, share some pictures of the work in progress and tell you what I plan to do.
Below an expert is giving his opinion of my work:

"The main theme of the bronze sculptures and the oil paintings of Ingrid is the human body. Her work is figurative. She is touched by the beauty of the strong bodies of African people. She is fascinated by the pride of African women. She is also intrigued by the gracious movements of dancers from South East Asia. She is capable to translate this power and elegance in appealing sculptures and paintings. Every sculpture contains beautiful lines underlining the gracefulness of the human body. In her sculptures of African dancers you discover the joie de vivre of these people, their feel for rhythm, their desire for motion. These sculptures are far more than just a human body in motion, they tell you more.
Not only the artistic aspect of her works of art is important to Ingrid. For her the manual skills are equally important. The combination of artistic and handicraft skills is the strength of Ingrid's Art."